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That is an Italian story, begun in the 1930s as the young Ruggero Sbarluzzi found out his inspiration and his passion for the clay, a well-known material that one can find all round our hills. The first records about "cotto" date back to the Renaissance period, in 1462, as Rossellino, Leon Battista Alberti's pupil, after having changed the old village CORSIGNANO into the wonderful City of PIENZA, by Pious II's will, used it to floor the amazing palaces he built.

Furnace Workers - Late 30s   Furnace Workers - Late 30s

The curiosity and the desire to shape this material led Ruggero Sbarluzzi to create his first rough works in his free time or when he finished working in the kiln.

After the Second World War, at the end of the 1940s, counting on the same desire he felt before to shape and mould the clay, Ruggero Sbarluzzi started working as a craftsman, creating the first vases and amphoras, inspired by the Etruscan and Greek models; some of them are jealously preserved by our family in our company.

Furnace Brick Production - Early 40s   Ruggero Sbarluzzi - 1940

In 1954, Ruggero Sbarluzzi founded the first company. Afterwards, in the 1960s, with the help of his sons, Piero and Ferruccio, a new period began for Ruggero Sbarluzzi, during which the simple workshop became a famous company, known all over the world, from Australia to Japan, France, Germany, England and North America, without forgetting the old techniques and products. Together with the vases, the company started producing, during the 1970s, floorings and stoves.

First Company - Ruggero Sbarluzzi - 1955   Ruggero Sbarluzzi - 50s
Ruggero Sbarluzzi - Early 50s   Ruggero Sbarluzzi - Early 50s

In the 1980s, Ferruccio's son, the Master of Arts Paolo Sbarluzzi, after Having finished his studies at The Art School "Duccio di Buoninsegna" in Siena, decided to follow his grandfather's tradition. In so doing, the Ceramiche Sbarluzzi have reached high artistic and creative standards.

Stock Factory - Mid 50s   Factory Facade - Mid 60s
Internal Laboratory - Early 70s   Internal Laboratory - Mid 80s

In the 1990s the other son, Stefano Sbarluzzi, began working for the company, running the sales department and the business relations.

Company - Late 80s   Company Facade - Early 2000s

The Sbarluzzi family, with Ferruccio, his two sons Paolo and Stefano, and their staff members keep on working on Ruggero Sbarluzzi's dream, in the hope of handing down to the future generations the oldest and most important human values, remembering that the art of working and decorating is a way to communicate and express our feelings and state of mind.

Company - Year 2010

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